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5 Best gaming laptops in 2023- under 1000$

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WiseCatcher is supported by its readers. You can find full affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

5 Best Gaming Laptops In 2023

“A good gaming laptop should not come at the cost of your fortune”, period!!

We totally understand and agree with this. And therefore we are here with a list of the 5 best gaming laptops in 2023 under 1000$. We have curated the list considering all the factors that are required for esports and competitive video games, along with some work when you’re done playing. 

After going through this list point by point you can find all the best laptops that do not flush your bank balance and also offer great configuration. 

So without further delay, let’s dive into the list.

Best Gaming Laptop In 2023- Hp Victus 16

1. HP Victus 16

Our favorite on the list and one of the best gaming laptops in 2023 is HP Victus 16. this is a powerful and stylish gaming laptop designed to deliver a seamless gaming experience and excellent performance. The Victus 16 is built with the latest technology and a sleek design that serves both caters to both casual and hardcore gamers.

It has hands down the best battery life lasting up to 6-7 hours. Its multiple USB-A ports, USB-C ports, and an HDMI 2.1 port make it even more convenient. 


  1. Processor: Intel Core i7-11800H
  2. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060
  3. Memory: 8GB DDR4 3200MHz
  4. Storage: 512GB SSD
  5. Display: 16.1-inch, 1920 x 1080, 144Hz IPS
  6. Battery life: About 7.5 hours
Solid productivity 1080p screen
Excellent battery lifeBloatware
Good CPU performance 
Springy keyboard
Fast PCIe Gen 4 SSD

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Best Gaming Laptop In 2023- Asus Tuf Dash 15

2. Asus TUF Dash 15 

This is another budget gaming device that can blow your mind with its configuration and performance. The RAM is only 16GB but you can always add additional memory at additional cost. The most important feature of this laptop is the MUX switch which helps in reducing latency and boosting gaming performance by a small percentage when enabled. 

When the MUX switch is disabled, the GPU will initially send data to the integrated graphics of the CPU. That will improve your battery life and lower your frame rate. 


  • Processor: Intel Core i5-12450H
  • Graphics: Nvidia RTX 3050
  • Memory: 16GB DDR5 4800MHz 
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, 144Hz IPS
  • Battery life: 6+ hours
Excellent and useful featuresBuilt in speakers are loud.
Great performancePoor webcam
Stylish chasisDull display screen

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Best Gaming Lapop In 2023- Msi Thin Gf63

3. MSI Thin GF63

A powerful laptop designed to deliver a high performing gaming experience. MSI thin GF63 is recommended for casual gaming but if you wanna play games like cyberpunk 2077 you might wanna lower down the setting a bit to ensure no legging. This is one the most budget friendly and the latest Cooler Boost 5 that uses 2 fans and 6 heat pipes to ensure optimal thermal dissipation and provide the best gaming experience.

The has a decent refresh rate along with good speed and responsiveness. MSI Thin GF63 offers a good environment to make your gaming experience seamless.


  • Processor: 12th Gen Intel Core i7
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 
  • Storage: SSD Gen 4×4 and DDR4-3200
  • Display: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, 144Hz IPS
  • Battery life: 6+ hours
Inexpensive and affordableFlat and uncomfortable keyboard
Lighweight, partially metal chassisDull display screen
Powerful CPUPerformance is low with high end games.

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Best Gaming Laptop In 2023- Acer Nitro 5

4. Acer Nitro 5

Take your gaming to the next level with the Acer Nitro 5 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. This laptop is again one of our top choices in under 1000$ range. This is a near to perfect laptop with multiple USB-A and USB-C ports, killer connectivity, and ultimate battery life and top notch storage.

We recommend you to buy this one if you like your device to look fierce and bold. The keyboard and trackpad are quite comfortable and makes it the top choice for the hard core gamer who are on a hunt of a budget gaming laptop.


  • Processor: Intel Core i5-12500H
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz 
  • Storage: ‎16 GB DDR4, 512 SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, 144Hz IPS
  • Battery life: 5+ hours
High refresh rateBattery life is poor
Graphic card supports ray tracing

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Best Gaming Laptop- Hp Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop

5. HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop

HP is one of the leading laptop manufacturing companies and the pavilion series is one of the best choice for gaming. This is an ideal laptop for people who are tight on budget and yet looking for a ryzen device to ace their gaming. 

It has a back lit keyboard that offers maximum convenient. The screen is big enough to not to strain your eyes even if you spend a lot of timing on screen. Even though the laptop is made of plastic yet it feel well build and solid. The port selection should be enough for all your peripherals, including a dedicated HDMI 2.0 port to output to an external display. Additionally, you can upgrade the RAM and 2.5 inch storage drive.


  • Processor: 4 GHz ryzen_5_4600h
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 3200MHz 
  • Storage: ‎8 GB DDR4, 512 SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, 144Hz IPS
  • Battery life: upto 6 hours
Fast AMD CPUGets loud and hot in load
Powerful dedicated graphic cardBulky design
Comfortable keyboard and trackpad

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Buying a gaming laptop is rather an investment for you and therefore we have listed top 5 gaming laptops under 1000$. We made sure to jot down every necessary detail that can alter your decision. 

If you are looking for a more detailed guide about what all thing you should check thoroughly before buying the best gaming laptop in 2023 here is an article that might help- A complete laptop buying guide- 2023

Let us know in the comments below what you want us to review next.

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