How To Join Fortnite Refer A Friend Program to Earn Rewards and Free V Bucks

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Fortnite Refer A Friend Featured
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If you need to find someone to play with, Fortnite’s referral program is a great way to do it. You can earn rewards for inviting your friends to join the game, including some pretty cool skins, gliders, and other cosmetics.

You will receive fantastic rewards for playing If you refer a friend to Fortnite and complete in-game tasks with your friends.

Let’s look at some details concerning the Fortnite refer a friend program and how you can join to earn unique rewards.

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What is Fortnite Refer A Friend Program?

The Fortnite Refer a Friend program is designed to make it simple to invite your friends into the game and get rewarded for doing so.

You can refer up to 5 friends at once, and you’ll get rewards for each person that signs up, and you’ll complete different in-game tasks with them. You’ll also receive a special reward if you reach the highest level in the referral program.

The new Xander outfit is available as a reward for the highest level of this Refer-a-Friend promotion.

How to Refer a Friend in Fortnite?

Joining the Fortnite Refer a Friend program is easy but requires some eligibility criteria. Plus, it would be best to have friends who meet the eligibility requirements. Here’s how you get started.

  • Step 1: Log in to the Refer a Friend site with your Epic Games account to refer a friend.
  • Step 2: You can choose from your Epic Games friends list to connect with. Your friends must have played less than two hours of Fortnite, either Battle Royale or Zero Build, in the last 30 days.
  • Step 3: Invite and connect with up to 5 friends at once to increase your chances of getting more rewards.
  • Step 4: Play with these friends and complete different tasks to start earning rewards!

What do You Get From Refer a Friend Fortnite?

Fornite refer a friend program offers different rewards for each player and can include items like the new Xander outfit and other goodies. Here’s the list of various available rewards:

  • Spray – Add a Fortnite friend to earn a Double Draw Spray
  • Wrap – Play 1 Game with a referee/friend to earn Immortal Oasis Wrap
  • Back Bling – Place in the top 10 six times with your referee/friend
  • Pickaxe – Eliminate 45 opponents with your referee/friend to get Oasis Wind Pickaxe
  • Xander Outfit – To get a Xander Outfit, reach plus 60 LVLs by yourself and wait for a friend to gain plus 60 LVLs too
Fortnite Rewards
Image Credit: Epic Games

Players can begin registering with friends on July 19, 2022, and must complete all their challenges together before February 19, 2023.


Find awesome loot. Get rewards. Spread the word. It’s that simple. Earn rewards for every friend you invite to the game and for everything your friends do in the game.

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