How to Always Show Full URLs in Google Chrome Easily in Just 3 Steps

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How To Always Show Full Urls In Google Chrome

In this guide, we’ll see the easy method of how to always show full URLs in Google Chrome browser.

Chrome browser is a fantastic application that provides an unmatched level of flexibility in terms of design, user experience, and content presentation.

As time goes by, new features have been added to its functionality, including creating numerous split-screen windows, which speed up the browsing process.

The Chrome browser is great for searching, shopping, and getting things done. It’s fast, light, and highly customizable.

Thanks to many customizable options available in google chrome address bar settings, changing the URLs showing option is also available.

Google Chrome automatically hides the “https://” and “www.” from web addresses by default, but you can change this setting always to show them.

It is useful for security reasons because it shows you exactly which website you visit (not a fake one). It also helps with phishing attacks and other scams that fool users into entering their login credentials into a fake webpage.

You can do it in two clicks if you’d rather see the full URL. You’ll see “” instead of “” Url Full Url

It can be annoying if you want to copy and paste a link from your browser into another app (like a text message or email) without having to copy it twice and then delete the extra characters at the beginning of each line.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to show the chrome address bar missing the full URL

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How to Always Show Full URLs in Google Chrome

Here’s the process of showing the full URL in the Chrome browser:

  • Step 1: First, open a New Tab in your chrome browser
  • Step 2: Type the URL of any website of your choice
  • Step 3: Now, right-click in Chrome’s address bar and select “Always show full URLs

Tip – To disable this feature, right-click the address bar again and uncheck it.

How To Always Show Full Urls In Google Chrome

Check our video guide below on showing the Full URL for practical execution.

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Setting for an Older version of Google Chrome is No Longer Necessary.

Older versions of Chrome, that’s Chrome 83, required you to access the advanced settings menu to enable and disable this feature, but this is no longer necessary.


If you don’t see the Always Show Full URLs option, you’ll need to update Chrome with the latest version.

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You have successfully changed the way your Google Chrome behaves. Now, whenever you click on a link in the browser, it will show the full URL instead of just redirecting you to another page. It gives users complete control over what they see when they click on a link and shows exactly where their clicks are going.

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